Realme GT 5 Pro Renders Have Allegedly Leaked Online

The Realme GT 5 was launched in China last month, with the flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. The device was launched in two variants, one with 150W charging and the other with 240W charging. The Realme GT 5 was also the first device from the company to offer 24GB RAM as an option.

Realme was reportedly working on an upgraded version of the device, the Realme GT 5 Pro. A new render has now surfaced online, which is alleged to be the upcoming Realme GT 5 Pro.

Alleged Realme GT 5 Pro Spotted on Weibo

A known tipster named Fixed Focus Digital has shared a render of a new Realme device on Weibo. As per the tip, the device is supposedly the upcoming Realme GT 5 Pro.

The leaked render shows a Realme-branded device, with a design similar to the OPPO Find X6. It is possible that Realme could rebadge the OPPO Find X6, and bring them to the European markets. As of now, the OPPO Find X6 is exclusive to China.

OPPO is known to utilize the brand presence of Realme, and sell rebadged OPPO devices under the Realme branding in the global markets. However, it is unlikely that Realme would use the same specifications from the OPPO Find X6, as it won’t do justice to Realme’s flagship GT Series.Leaked Realme GT 5 Pro (Left) and OPPO Find X6 (Right)

The OPPO Find X6 in China comes with the Dimensity 9200 chipset. Whereas the Realme GT 5 already has a more powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. Hence, it is also possible that Realme could launch this mysterious device as the Realme 12 Pro+ instead.

Popular tipster Digital Chat Station had previously shared the specifications of the upcoming Realme GT 5 Pro. As per DCS, the Realme GT 5 Pro is expected to launch with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. However, if Realme were to use a brand-new flagship Qualcomm chipset, it would make more sense for the company to launch the device as the Realme GT 6, instead of the Realme GT 5 Pro.

Qualcomm will be unveiling its flagship chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in October 2023. If the tip by DCS is believed to be true, then the upcoming Realme flagship could launch in early November 2023.

DCS had also tipped that the device would feature a 5400mAh battery, along with support for 100W fast charging. It was also reported that Realme will also include a periscope lens with its new flagship smartphone.

Realme Has Officially Teased a Device With Zoom Capabilities

Realme has been teasing a new flagship device in the global markets. Recently, the company shared an image on its Twitter handle with the tagline “Not Only Max Can Zoom’. This clearly indicated that the upcoming Realme flagship will have a periscope lens.

This light will shine on realme. Just wait…

— realme Global (@realmeglobal) September 21, 2023

The teaser image also gives us a glimpse at the design of the camera module of the phone. A closer inspection reveals that the design showcased in the teaser matches the leaked renders posted by Fixed Focus Digital. Realme’s tagline also hints that the company is teasing the iPhone 15 Pro Max for its 5X optical zoom.

For reference, the OPPO Find X6 also has the same camera design. The device was launched in China earlier this year with 2.8X optical zoom. Although the zoom capacity is less than the iPhone 15 Pro Max, OPPO’s image processing helps to achieve superior image quality with digital zoom. Realme’s teasers so far indicate that the company is confident in the zoom capabilities of its upcoming flagship.

As per previous reports, the Realme GT 5 Pro is expected to launch in October 2023. Given that the company has been teasing its flagship phone in the global markets, it is possible that Realme could directly launch the device globally, rather than unveiling it in China.

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